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The Bluewater Bay
Municipal Services Benefit Unit (MSBU)

Guiding Documentation

The Board of Directors of the Municipal Services Benefit Unit presents its guiding documentation for review.  Documents are also kept on file at the Niceville Public Library and are available upon a public records request.

The Directors desire that all residential and commercial property owners of Bluewater Bay be informed of the regulations they abide by.  Also available for review are measures passed by the Board that regulate the activities of contractors working for the MSBU.

Documentation will be be posted when available.  Should you require additional information, contact the MSBU Administration office.

Clicking the document title below will open a downloadable and printable PDF.



MSBU Ordinance

15 Mar 2016

MSBU Community Services Master Plan


MSBU Standard Operating Procedures

11 Jan 2022

MSBU Sign Survey and Policy

12 Apr 2006

Golf Cart Laws*

Traffic Laws for Bicyclists and Pedestrians*

14 Nov 2006

MSBU Range Road Opinion

23 Mar 2007

MSBU Ordinance: Insurance Requirement Amendment

15 Nov 2016

CBPO Closing Letter

1 Jan 2004

Original MSBU Ordinances

1 Jan 2004

Draft MSBU By-Laws

March 2023

MSBU By-Laws

6 May 2003

To view the Street Light Map Documentation, please click on the link below:

Street Light Map Documentation

* 'Golf Cart Laws' and 'Traffic Laws for Bicyclists and Pedestians' are not controlled or regulated by the MSBU.
Bluewater Bay Municipal Services Benefit Unit (MSBU)