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The Bluewater Bay
Municipal Services Benefit Unit (MSBU)

Proposed Projects

Project TitleProposed To BoardSupporting Information
St Andrews and Troon: LandscapeOctober 13, 2020

Proposed by Mr. Rhodes

The triangle at St Andrews and Troon is an empty space that is looking rough. Is that a MSBU responsibility? Neighbors have been trying to care for it.

Ms. Landsberger stated she would look in to it.

White Point Rd & Woodlands Dr: Maintain Entrance SignsNovember 10, 2020

Cleaning & repainting BWB entrance sign at White Point Road and Woodlands Drive. Needs painting. Estimated cost $547.00.

Tabled until after the new year, 2021.

Sunningdale Cove / Winged Foot: Add LightingNovember 10, 2020

Suggested by Mr Andujar

Add a solar light at the island located at Sunningdale Cove and Winged Foot. There are a number of walkers and children in the neighborhood so this is a safety issue.

Management will contact Chelco to get a cost on adding a light in the island or near the intersection.

Bay Dr to BWB Blvd (south of Caribbean Way): Maintain / Repair WalkwayJanuary 12, 2021

There are concrete areas that need replacing and debris that needs to be cleaned up along with mounds of vines.

Management checking with the County to see what they can help with. The Morans will look into grant money to help with this project and others. Management to assess scope of project and get a project cost estimate.

Bluewater Bay Municipal Services Benefit Unit (MSBU)