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The Bluewater Bay
Municipal Services Benefit Unit (MSBU)

Project Overview

Hwy 20: Beautification of Medians – Lancaster Dr to Range Rd

MSBU ApprovalApproved Cost($)ContractorEst CompletionPaymentsCompletedFinal Cost
March 31, 2018$0BrightViewOctober 31, 2021

Description / Updates

The project includes the planting of crepe myrtle trees evenly through the medians from Lancaster Drive to Range Road and installation of irrigation. The grass and weeds currently at ground level will be finished using pine straw or mulch. The goals are to provide a beauty, calm (slow) traffic, and provide a partial barrier to prevent a head-on collision on any wayward driver.

Shared cost between State of Florida grant and Florida Dept of Transportation.

Dec 2021 – crepe myrtles are in!

In the July 2021 MSBU meeting, it was verified the permits were pulled but the contractor was waiting for CHELCO to install the electrical needed to power the irrigation pumps.

It was announced at the June 2021 meeting that permits were being pulled by the contractor.

It was announced at the January 2021 MSBU meeting that the project contract was awarded to BrightView on 2 Feb 2021. Construction should begin by end of April 2021.

Project start is anticipated to be 26 April 2021. Well and boring subcontractors will start the last week of April, irrigation will be installed in the beginning of May followed by trees, plants and pine straw!

Bluewater Bay Municipal Services Benefit Unit (MSBU)