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The Bluewater Bay
Municipal Services Benefit Unit (MSBU)

Project Overview

Woodlands Park: Install Playground, Shade and Trees

MSBU ApprovalApproved Cost($)ContractorEst CompletionPaymentsCompletedFinal Cost
May 26, 2020$6,420

Description / Updates

Install park play structure and shade. Total cost was $23,568.14.

For the entire Woodlands Park project the MBSU contributed $6,420 and the golf resort contributed $8,000 to make BWB’s contribution a total of $14,420. Okaloosa County contributed $9,148.14.

The shade trees cost approximately $1,600. The shade cost approximately $25K. The County paid the remaining balance of the shade as well as the entire playground and updated concrete bill, which if we were to procure via the open market would have cost $65,000+.

Woodlands Park Funding Breakout for FY2020

Bluewater Bay Municipal Services Benefit Unit (MSBU)