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The Bluewater Bay
Municipal Services Benefit Unit (MSBU)

Project Overview

Woodlands Drive: Construct Sidewalk

MSBU ApprovalApproved Cost($)ContractorEst CompletionPaymentsCompletedFinal Cost
$31,288.20Okaloosa CountyOctober 31, 2022

Description / Updates

The sidewalk for Woodlands Drive is the final effort of a 4-sidewalk coordinated effort between the MSBU and the County.

On each effort the County utilized prison labor and the MSBU reimbursed the cost once complete. The Woodlands effort was on the County’s schedule to kickoff in April 2020, then COVID took place in March and put the effort on indefinite hold. The estimated $31K cost for the sidewalk has been retained / dedicated in our financial reserves.

13 Jul 2021 Update: Work not started and after several calls to the County, no update on when this work might be completed. There is a general lack of available resources for construction work at the present time.

13 Apr 2021 Update: The County can support the labor requirements of this project and it’s hopeful that the sidewalk will be complete by the end of June 2021.

9 Feb 2021 Update: Mr Moran of the MSBU Board of Directors contacted the County about the availability of prison labor to complete this project. Apparently the prisoners are still not available to provide support due to COVID. Ms. Landsberger, Project Manager for MSBU, has reached out to 3 companies. Awaiting estimates.

The first sidewalk installed was on Bay Drive basically across from what is now Fate’s Landing to the marina. The second was on Southwind Drive from the traffic circle to the entrance to the Southwind entry gate. The third and most recent was installed circa 2018 on Winged Foot Drive from Oakmont Drive to the entrance of Windward.

Bluewater Bay Municipal Services Benefit Unit (MSBU)